Life Insurance Lawyer

If you are involved in a life insurance or annuities legal issue, or are concerned that you are being taken advantage of by an insurance company or broker, it is important to understand your rights as soon as possible; life insurance law cases can be highly complex and the statute of limitations may be ticking, meaning you only have a certain amount of time to take action.

Insurance Bad Faith Litigation Attorney

I am life insurance attorney Benjamin Blakeman. Since 2006, I have worked primarily on life insurance law issues, obtaining millions for clients who have been taken advantage of by insurance companies or brokers. If you are involved in any legal life insurance issue, I encourage you to get in touch and schedule a free initial consultation as soon as possible.

I am one of the very few lawyers in the United States who focuses specifically on these issues and has actual experience selling life insurance. This experience gives me a firsthand understanding of the techniques, operations, institutional structures and methods of insurance companies and brokers. I am able to expertly analyze cases to quickly determine if clients have cause for legal action to recoup damages; from there, I can determine whether it makes sense to try to settle or pursue litigation to maximize my clients' compensation and attain accountability.

Depending on the case, I offer many different fee structures. In many cases, I work completely on contingency and do not collect any attorneys' fees unless I am able to obtain the compensation my clients deserve.

While my primary office is in Los Angeles, I am also able to take life insurance cases throughout the United States.

To schedule a free consultation with a life insurance lawyer, call 888-270-0051 or E-mail The Law Offices of Benjamin Blakeman..